What other are saying about The Zoldak Agency

"Sue is one of the very best public affairs and advertising executives in the issue advocacy and social media arenas, both inside-the-beltway and nationwide.  Under her adept and proven leadership, she runs a team that creates and executes integrated campaigns using award-winning advertising, media relations, coalition building, grassroots mobilization and new media tactics to help her clients win often-heated political and legislative battles and ultimately sway public opinion.  She's the go-to for many of the best and brightest in the industry, as her advice has been proven time and again to be invaluable."

-- Mike K., Director of Business Development, Major Advertising Network


"Sue has become a go-to person in both the issue advocacy and social media world. Her knowledge of the industry and its recent developments as well as her willingness to share this experience make her a valuable resource. And on top of it all, Sue's clients and reps love to work with her."

-- Alex T., COO, Digital News Publication


"Like Superman, Sue Zoldak has x-ray vision. She is able to see through whatever you think you want and deliver all of that plus the things you didn't even think of but would have thought about afterwards. Sue is my secret weapon in accomplishing amazing results which make us all look great.

Sue has a keenly tuned 6th sense that helps direct her own team to work seamlessly with others. She never misses an opportunity to dig a little deeper when discussing a potential project which often helps uncover additional goals and deliverables. As a marketer, Sue is an integral part of my team."

-- Chris L., EVP/CMO, Major Trade Association, Past Client