MIT Tech Review calls The Zoldak Agency's founder "go to" in public policy

In an August 2018 interview, MIT Tech Review explores The Zoldak Agency turns to companies like Fiscal Note to provide information for their advocacy clients. As a software that tracks federal and state legislation, Fiscal Note allows agencies to use one simple dashboard to keep apprised of changes that might have taken a legion of lobbyists hours of man power in the past to track. In the course of that interview, Andrew Zaleski writes:

Sue Zoldak is a public relations expert with a fierce competitive streak. Her surname in Slovak, as she likes to point out, means “mercenary.” Her firm, the Zoldak Agency, uses targeted advertising and grassroots campaigning to help clients spur voters to press elected officials into voting yes or no on specific bills. While not strictly a lobbyist—she doesn’t communicate directly with lawmakers—Zoldak fits squarely into the influence-peddling milieu of Washington, DC, with 15 years’ experience on K Street, where lobbying firms are traditionally headquartered. Put simply, she’s a go-to person for companies and organizations determined to shape public policy.

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